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After having a tree removed, it doesn’t usually make much sense to leave the stump there.


  • UNSIGHTLY – A tree stump can ruin the aesthetics of your garden or landscape. As more time passes they can become more of an “eyesore” as new chutes begin to grow.
  • THE TREE STUMP CAN GET IN THE WAY -You may wish to develop the area where the tree stump is situated. Maybe a shed or out-building, maybe a driveway? Maybe an extension to your home. All these things will require you to remove the tree stump and make sure that it does not continue to grow.
  • THE TREE STUMP CAN BE A HAZARD – Depending where the tree stump is, it can be either a small or large hazard. It is possible that if you have young children playing in the garden, they could easily trip and injure themselves as a result of awkwardly placed tree stump.

Stump Removal

Our experienced tree surgeon will carefully and skilfully remove the tree (and tree stump removal if required), leaving your property ready for whatever you have planned. They will ensure the complete removal of even the largest, most difficult tree with no disruption to your home/property.

Tree Felling

Our Bury Tree Stump Removal service ensures you quickly and efficiently return the area once occupied by the tree stump to useful and usable land. We will leave the site of the removed stump and accessible roots system ready for turfing over, replanting, landscaping, or to be built over.

We are professional arborists with many years of experience in tree cutting, management, felling and stump removal. If you should you need to remove a tree in the Northwest region, you can trust BURY Trees & Stumps removal services to safely do the job with minimum disturbance.


Depending on the machine we can use to access your unwanted tree stump, we can usually take it down to about 8 inches below the surface. Each circumstance differs, you may therefore need to consult our stump grinding experts.

Depending on how busy we are, we usually say it can be up to two weeks, but we can sometimes squeeze you in later today! it all depends on where our stump team is working and how they are progressing with their current work load.

Contact us today to organise your stump grinding work.

When you buy a new house can you ask the builder how much it will cost to build you a house? … No. The builder needs to know exactly how many things he needs to build, what is the land and access like? Is it in town or on a cliff face? etc etc.

Here are some of the factors we need to take in to account when quoting to carry out a stump removal for you:

How big is the stump? (How tall, how wide)

How many stumps… 1, 3, 30?

How hard/soft is the stump?

What is the access to the stump like?

Can we get our equipment to your tree stump?

Just as a guide it could be anywhere from £20/stump for lots of small soft stumps to
£300 for a reasonably big stump.
And in rare cases it could be over £1,000 for the extremely big stumps.

It depends on a couple of factors, but mainly how big the tree stump is that you want us to perform the stump grinding on.

Our stump grinding machine is classed as an Industrial Stump Grinder (something you find at B&Q!), so it’s pretty quick at getting through most tree stumps.

Here at Bury Tree Surgeon, we aim to be in and out as quickly as possible. Time is money.

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