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Best 10 reasons to use a QUALIFIED Tree Surgeon in Bury

Here are 10 reasons to use a qualified tree surgeon when working on trees:

1. Safety:

The foremost reason to use a qualified tree surgeon is safety. They are trained to handle hazardous situations while working on tall trees and can do the job without causing harm to themselves, their colleagues or the property around them.

2. Knowledge and Expertise:

Arborists have extensive knowledge and expertise in tree biology, care, planting, and maintenance. They have received specialized training to understand tree health and how to nurture it, to identify tree species and their unique characteristics.

3. Equipment:

Qualified tree surgeons have access to specialized equipment and machinery to perform their work efficiently. They use tools like pruning saws, chainsaws, climbing harnesses, cherry picker trucks, and other equipment that is essential for tree management.

4. Legal Compliance:

A qualified tree surgeon is aware of environmental laws and regulations regarding tree preservation, conservation, and protection. They will ensure that their work complies with the local regulations to avoid any legal consequences.

5. Tree Surgeon Insurance:

A qualified tree surgeon will have insurance coverage for any accidents or damage that can occur during their work. This protection offers peace of mind for property owners, as they won’t have to pay for any damages or injuries that may arise during the tree management process.

6. Knowledge in Pruning Techniques:

Pruning trees requires knowledge of tree biology and pruning techniques to avoid damage or infections. A qualified tree surgeon will know how to prune trees properly to improve their health and promote growth.

7. Disease and Pest Control:

Tree diseases and pests can cause severe damage to your trees. Qualified tree surgeons have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose diseases and control pests to prevent further damage.

8. Tree Removal:

Removing trees is a dangerous and challenging task that requires specialized knowledge and experience. Qualified tree surgeons will know how to remove trees safely, without harming other tree species or structures around them.

9. Site Clean-up:

A qualified tree surgeon will clean up the site after the job and ensure that the area is left clean and tidy, preventing any hazards or damage to the property.

10. Tree Planting:

Qualified tree surgeons have knowledge of selecting the right tree species for planting, to ensure that the tree thrives in its new environment. They also have expertise in planting techniques to establish healthy trees.


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